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Entry Types


Level 1 CAC or RPL for Level 1 CAC awarded or

Certificate 3 or 4 Personal Trainer
* For Personal Trainers entering into Level 2 IRR with Certificate 3 and/or 4, they must undertake to complete Level 1 CAC if they wish to transfer to the Athletics framework
Currently accredited and financial with Athletics Australia
Personal Trainers holding Certificate 3 and/or 4 in Fitness must register as a coach with Athletics Australia. They can do this prior to attending or may do it on the day of the course by filling in the forms. ECEPs are responsible for ensuring all participants are accredited as a coach and will be invoiced the first year accreditation fee for each participant who is not currently accredited. The ECEP must ensure that all participants are eligible to attend and participants must supply a copy of their Cert 3 or 4 Fitness if entering in as a Personal Trainer.
Australian Sports Commission Play by the Rules online course, modules Child Protection and Harassment & Discrimination. Certificate of completion to be submitted to the course convener or facilitator.